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Concert Review: Renaissance Piano Duo Concert in Church of Epiphany DC

"Two Taiwanese pianists, Tzu-yi Zoe Chen and Lan-In Winnie Yang joined as ‘Renaissance Duo’, held a two-piano recital in Washington, D. C., on February 26. The program incorporated many innovative elements, such as tapping the piano, stomping feet, and plucking the strings. Their energy and liveliness made the performance so expressive, which touched the entire audience. They explored diverse tracks across cultural boundaries and connected with the audience through the music they chose.”

來自台灣的鋼琴家楊嵐茵與陳孜怡26日在華府首次舉行雙鋼琴音樂會,攜手創立「文藝復興雙鋼琴」(Renaissance Duo)。演出融入多種創新元素,比如跺腳和拍琴等,活潑的演奏形式讓音樂更具表現力,她們跨越文化界限探索不同曲目,通過音樂與觀眾建立聯繫;兩人從去年開始準備,今年4月將登陸紐約卡內基音樂廳,把雙鋼琴演奏帶到國際舞台。


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